Tuesday, April 23, 2013

December 3, 2012

Hello Dear mother and family,
This monday is a good one.  The winds were blowing very strongly last night. I thank you for the updates from the ward and your personal lives.  I thank you, for all that you think of me and what you've always done for me. Thanks for the love.
Indeed, our performance at Zone Conference was good.  I enjoyed doing it.  I think it sounded good to the people who got the show.
Elder Steiner is from St. George, and he's 19.  His family is very very supportive of him.   They send him stuff pretty regularly....Kinda like the first 8 months of my mission.
But he is a really nice kid... for the most part. And he is obedient and has a great desire to be out here and do the right.  I do like working with him.    He's shorter than I am, and he's an analytical type person.  He is pretty meek and humble, and is a good companion, meaning he doesn't act super bossy or anything like that which is super nice.
Some crazy things have happened here in Casper lately.  You may have heard about the ordeal at the college via the news, that was super strange and icky.  But another thing that is more suitable to talk about has been the Wind!!! Wow. Last night it was blowing soo hard.  I heard gusts of 70, and 60mph from a couple different people. But it was strong. The trees and night sounded like freight trains or something.
We have been experiencing some tough spots with Robin, the one who's been on date and was coming regularly to church.  She was really progressing there for awhile, but we haven't seen her for a few weeks.  We're going to try a visit tonight.  She has good support from the church and friends, so we hope that this tiff won't halt her progression much more.
It's hard to help people feel and see how obedience to God's commandments give us much more freedom than disobeying them.  I can understand though, because it's not easy to change something you've been doing for years and years just like that. But I know it's possible ;)   I know that the spirit changes hearts, it changes attitudes, and it brings abundant life to it's recipients.
We watched the Christmas Devotional with Chris J., another of our investigators. In fact he's the one who we gave the tie to last week.  We watched it at his house.  He is a really good guy, with a heart that appears to be like gold.
Our ward has been doing good.  We along with them are working hard to reach out to the inactive members and give them love and friendship and light of the Gospel.  I feel blessed to know so many of them.
No baptisms yet mom, but we labor diligently. And I'm doing my best.  I'm learning, and loving, and living as to be my best self.  I love you all.  I know that you're doing the same. And I know that People love you, and are so grateful that you are in and apart of their lives. 
May we do as President Monson conselled us in the Devotional, to reach out to those in love all around us, and especially our loving aged ones who I love very much.  :)
I love my companion. I love working with him. I love the Christ, and I love God's children. I love Casper Wyoming.  Jesus lives. 
hugs and kisses. I'll look for more of the Buskers, and Bennion.  That will be interesting to find them.

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