Tuesday, April 23, 2013

February 4, 2013

Dear Mom and family,
We had the baptism and it was great!  Cayden and Caylee!  They are the best little kids in town.  Their family is great. 

Bro. Wendling said the opening prayer for the baptism, their dad, and it was such a solid good prayer.  The spirit was strong the entire time. Tons of the ward came to support the family and be apart of it. The talks were good, and some of the Young Women sang a special musical number.   One of the kids' best friends that was there want's to be baptized as well now.  His mom is less Active and lives in 8th ward.  We're going to help get him taught with the Sisters in 8th ward. We think he'll be coming to church with the Wendlings.  But maybe his whole family will be able to accept the Gospel in their lives and become active and strong again.  :)

Yesterday was the Confirmation in Sacrament mtg. and that was great also.  All of Church was amazing and we had a whole bunch of less active members and a couple investigators there. 

We have another Less-active family that has invited us to teach their son and help their family to get active again.  We've been working with them for some time now and DJ their son is on date for March 2!  They were there yesterday and that was great.  We're having dinner with their family this Thursday.  We're going to help Jim, the dad quite smoking and he'll be able to do the Confirmation for his son  :)

Things are going well.  We're really striving to get more Spanish work done in the District. We've set goals and plans to teach more Spanish. I won't be doing much, but I'll be helping E. Steiner get as much done as he can.  That will be my Spanish work, help the Spanish Elders get lots done.  They're great Elders.

Love you much. I'll get another letter off this week.  Love you Mom.  I know I'm your best son Ever!!  :)  Thanks Dad, I love you too!!! I know I'm probably your best son. At least I'm one of your 2 best sons   :)   Jack is pretty great so I guess we're equal.  ;)

That's my Email for the week.   Faith Hope and Charity is the way.  Life is Good!  Endure to the End also means, Enjoy to the End :)

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