Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sarah: Sorry people for taking forever to post these past 4. I didn't even see a couple of them until just recently. Enjoy reading them!


It's been a bit hard to write any letters lately but I have many people in mind and hope to get some out this week. I did write one and sent it today for you guys, Sarah Jo especially. Elder Maskell included one too for her. Please give Aunt Janae another visit and hello for me! :)

Hey Dad! How are you? I got word you played the organ in church this last sunday?! I got to play in my Branch too!! We're the great Ensign duo that like to play hymns. Tell him not to forget breakfast, lunch, or dinner. One of my newest favorite hymns is Arise O God And Shine 265. I would love to play that one in a Sacrament meeting sometime. Or An Angel From On High(13 I think or 15). Do you guys like those ones? There are some awesome hymns that we just don't hear enough.

Well it snowed here last week pretty good. It's pretty white outside.

We're praying hard for some baptisms. We had a less active Brother from our Branch attend Sacrament yesterday! It was awesome. He's a great guy we've been visiting many times and it's a joy to associate with him. He's the only member of his family. He's married and has a couple daughters but they're mostly Lutheran. He know's the church is true. We read the Book of Mormon with him.

Did you know that Repentence is a Divine Gift? It really, truly is. A talk given by D. Todd Christofferson makes it clear and fun to learn about. It was given this last conference. Sure repentence isn't something we want to do, mainly because we like to do things right the first and every time. But if we see repentence in the correct lens, it's something we want to do and we can do it willingly and joyfully. It gives us true joy. The essence of setting New Years Resolutions or any goal is practially repentence. Especially when we're doing it to truly improve our lives and bring them in harmony with Christ and Heavenly Father.

I love the Gospel, and it loves us! Heavenly Father loves us. Another talk was given by Robert D. Hales 'Waiting upon the Lord'. You are good examples of doing what he talks about in there.

Love Elder Ensign

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tell congratulations to Matt for me. I'm happy to hear about Jack and Steph and JJ!

That's so nice of you for looking for that book, thanks! It'll come when the time is right and if you keep looking.

I haven't gotten a letter from Dad lately, how is he doing? He's probably busy. I hope that all is well there.

It is sunny, clear skies, cool temperatures with a high of 0 degrees here. I believe the current temp is around -14 give or take. The weather has been crazy here. It snowed just the other day and supposed to bring a blizzard in tonight till tomorrow. That's what they say anyway. It's very calm and dead cold out now.

This week has been pretty good. The past two weeks we've found new investigators and have taught them very good 1st lessons and left them with commitments. These people I talk about are really nice and show great potential for baptism and conversion. Their names are Carol(an older woman who's married, we teach them both.), Kristin, and Nathan. They are great people.

We also have had some great visits with some recent converts in the Branch and some less active members and they are working hard! Reading the intro. to the Doctrine and Covenants was fun. The other day we read it with a member from the Branch, a line in it says, this book is "of great value to the human family and of more worth than the riches of the whole earth"! I thought that was cool.

We've had the opportunity to give some blessings here and support the branch. It's been good. I'm on scheduled to play again for Sacrament meeting this Sunday in Church!

I love you. bye -- Elder Ensign

Monday, January 9, 2012

We had a day last week where the temp. was in the 60's!! It was so amazing! Everybody in Marshall was happy and so friendly! The light was truly shining in a physical and spiritual sense. We met a bunch of new people that day who invited us back!

Elder Maskell has lost 40 lbs.! He is showing real dedication and discipline as he works to maintain goals for himself and for our companionship.

Have you all been to the temple lately? Please do.

Thanks for the great example you set by reading the Book of Mormon and being you. Keep it up!! :)

I can't tell you how much it means to receive the gifts of love and support that so many of you give to me. I pray that you may read the scriptures and be led and guided to the promised land of much happiness and joy, and success. Ah, I love all of you, so much.

The prophet's message in the Ensign this month is one I recommend for you to read, then every page after it :)

I received some awesome Emails this week from some people I value and treasure so greatly. Thank you. If they could send me their address at home I would definately write them back.

Mother, thanks for being there and dad, thanks for sharing you testimony. Thanks for your prayers. Please say hi to Beth, Lori, Alison and all our Bros and Sisters. I'll write Jack a letter soon. Please give my love to aunt Janae and tell her hi for me!

As we read of the life of George Albert Smith the love of God comes through its pages so thickly and purely. Serving the Lord here in Marshall Minnesota is so amazing. Christ is our Savior. He loves us.

--Elder Ensign

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Family,

Yes, we made it through the New Year! Last year was a great one wasn't it!? I think and look back and can just be so grateful for the things that have come to pass for so many of us! Elder Maskell and I went to bed on time and woke up on time New Years Eve and Day and we had a good Sabbath a couple days ago. It was thrilling to get the new manuals for Priesthood, the new Prophets of the Church manual: George Albert Smith. I opened that up and knew right away it was inspired and the right stuff for us to know. One line in the Introduction Chap. was when a fellow of Pres. Smith's spoke at his funeral and made the quote, "God is Love. George Albert Smith is love." He was (and is) a true Prophet.

To go along with that thought and idea of the scriptures being used in our lives and how they can be used as an umbrella, was something I heard in church this week, Everything we do either moves of closer to, or farther from God, the question is: At what speed?

So I'm glad you had a nice few weeks off mother, I hope you are enjoying the time with the kids again. And yes the early hours aren't bad. And studying really is great. I'm focusing on becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary that Elder Bednar gave a talk on recently. It emphasizes many things including letting the spirit do the real teaching, and listening, observing, discerning, THEN teaching(talking).

We have met a gentleman by the name of Alfredo recently! He is a good person who is from Mexico originally but has lived here for some time. We have met a couple times with him and taught him and he has started reading chapters of the Book of Mormon! Heavenly Father definately loves him and we can feel that and he is a great fellow. We will see him again later this week.

I hope hope hope that Aunt Janae is doing good!! That is very sweet that she is at Alpine! Sounds like a great opportunity to help and see her. She's probably grateful to be near you and other family! I love her, she is so sweet.

I have inquired about my bike and Pres. Layton has actually been working on the bicycle matter so I'm not sure what's going on, but he mentioned to get it in working condition and make the repairs if needed.

We have been tracting a lot. We've had some very nice experiences last weekend talking with some people(two separte families at two different homes) who attend an Evangelical Church a small distance from town. They were so nice, pleasant, and warm hearted! It was a blessing really, and we shared with them our message and left them with cards so they could contact us in the future if prompted. Even though they didn't invite us immediately back it was an uplifting and edifying experience to meet with them. The spirit and the love of the Savior was felt.

Well bye for now. Thanks for the prayers and letters, and packages, and love. I hope you feel of my love and testimony. I know that God lives, and His son is our Savior and they are guiding and helping us along, even more as we allow them too.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2011

Heyyy! It was great talking to you on Christmas. It was fun. Elder Maskell was happy to get a smile in and see you all. I showed him a few pictures before then.

Please tell Dennis 'Hi' for me. I hope he sends me a letter that way I'll have his address. Thanks to all the wonderful, loving family and friends who share their love with me.

With it being 2 days after Christmas, it stills feels like the holiday and that means a lot of people are hosting family and enjoying the break. Yesterday we worked for a few hours and talked to a few nice people and that felt good after the break.

I'm very pleased to hear Sarah sang in the choir. That sounds so fun! Yes they have a Branch Choir but we don't get too involved because of the practice involved. Maybe we will in the future.

I sure love you all. Here's a nice scripture to read: 2 Nephi 4:35(30-35)