Thursday, December 13, 2012

November 19, 2012

Thanks so much! Great to hear from you.
I already feel I get enough challenges, but thank you...  :)
Once again, it's PDAY and the weather is really good.  :)
We had a busy week, our most productive and definately our best teaching week of this and the last transfers together.  I'm really glad to be knowing a bunch of the people out here. I've met a ton of good folks. People who are cool, and friendly!
We were inspired to go tracting on a certain street and place, and we ended up finding a whole family of members that moved from Rapid City a couple months ago. They were needed to be found, so we were led right to them. We hope that they'll be inspired and fed spiritually so that we can start to see them come to church with us soon.
A similiar thing happened but the girl kinda found us. We were knocking on a door in a big apartment bldg. and the guy was like, "It's the men from your church!" to his wife, pretty loudly, she didn't want to visit. But way down the hall this girl with blue hair and a lip ring heard the whole conversation which was pretty darn amazing all in itself.  But she is 14, she stuck her head out the door as we were walking by and we started talking, she is a very smart 14 year old, and pretty spunky and such. Her and her mom just moved in about 1 month ago from another ward. The mom is going through a divorce.  It's a bit crazy situation, but we found them by following the Lord and doing his work and we were led to her and her mom.  We'll be going an visiting both of these families with some other members of our ward coming up on Tuesday.  Awesome.
We're both doing pretty fine, and the Wyoming weather has been fantastic.  :)   Happy Thanksgiving!  I love you all, hugs and kisses and God bless you!
Good job on the Stake Conference Music mom and dad!
How long is Roger staying and everyone else?  The boys are growing up quick.
Love you guys all.  Bye

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