Thursday, December 13, 2012

November 12, 2012

Hello!! Howdy do?!
It's great to hear from you! I'm glad to hear you guys will get to participate in Conference you both are so amazing and I'm proud and happy for you. I love you both.
Yeah so feel free to send some pictures this way from you guys.  How many kittens are you down to yet?
We got snow here also. We're walking now instead of biking.  We're getting rides and help from members fairly often too which sure helps and makes it funner and easier.
We've been blessed to continue to be working with good people, like Robin, who's making progress toward getting baptized in December. 
We had a great Sacrament meeting yesterday. It was very heartwarming and powerful with the spirit.  I left feeling very uplifted and grateful to be apart of the gospel and the church in this vast world.  What a great benefit of friends and strength --  and good people.  Of course the Gospel of Jesus Christ lifts us all in it's own.
Lately my reading of the Book of Mormon has helped me to feel more peace and joy in my life and in this service.  It's so true that a real study and feasting upon the words of the Book of Mormon draws us closer to our Father in Heaven so that we can be stronger and more powerful in life and against the things that can make life seem very hard.
I'm glad you had your primary program, ours was weeks ago.  They are great.
I'm also glad that Dennis has been visiting a lot lately. I hope to hear from him.  Tell him and Lavell hi for me if you see them soon.
I want to say that my District is awesome.  I will say that they are some of the if not the best and coolest Elders I've met in the mission.  There are some others in the mission that are pretty cool dudes but these guys are great.  Today I met one who says he's a pro skateboarder from New Mexico. I'm impressed. 
Casper is marvelously entertaining and a fun place to be. It's all those things and we don't even hit the town on Friday nights.  haha. We keep to the rule book pretty close   ;) 
ThanksGiving will be great, I don't know exactly what will be going on other than we do have a dinner planned with a very sweet and special family that is really good to us Elders. The Cordova's.  Remember last year, I ate with the Rich family?  That was the family that had the 73 year old dad, and the 13 year old son: the same age gap that pappy and I have. 
When I get home and have kids you guys need to stick around for another 10 or 20 years. plees don't you forget it.
Thanks fam for all your prayers and love and support.  It really won't be that long before we'll be talkin on the phone fro Christmas.
I'll write you again soon. Love you,
Elder Ensign

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