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Monday, September 24, 2012

That's so cool!!  Thanks for sharing that!  2 years wow, I can remember when they announced the Brigham City Temple, and then they picked out the spot for it, then started building it up and they put the barriers around the site and eventually we started to see it rise up!  I even remember the day that they put the angel Moroni upon the top, I was working at that time in Ogden.  IT was windy up there.  :)

The dedication and cultural celebration sounded amazing.

When do you get to go through the temple officially??

Yes one year coming up soon!  I'll have a mini celebration.
My new companion is coming on Wed. straight from Provo,  I don't know who he is until tonight.  He's going to be a Spanish speaking Elder so along with his new missionary training, he'll be doing language study every day and I'll be working with another set of Spanish Elders to help him get that training.  I'll be the new District Leader over 3 companionship's including the Z.L.'s! This will be fun and a good experience.  I'm grateful for the new duties I have.  Wow this is going to be crazy and fun.  Pray that I can be the best trainer ever for this guy and make this his best time ever! 

My time with Elder Hooker was good and we saw and did some great things together!

Yesterday we did have some a couple investigators at church!  IT was awesome.  We met these two ladies who are sweet and enjoying learning.  They are in their 30's ish, and really nice.  We've taught them twice so far and they came yesterday, it's so good.
We're working with some kids too that their parents want us to baptize. Hopefully we can help the whole family feel more comfortable with the gospel and coming to church.  The dad of this family has a 

Handwritten letters are great, I'll write you guys some more too. I'm glad you got the Postcard, it was a good one wasn't it!?

Love ya, God Bless!  You guys rock, and you're awesome. Thanks for all you do.
Elder Ensign

Ephesians 4 is a good chapter. Of course I love the Psalms.  You should check em' out if you have spare time, nice Book of Mormon reading!

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