Monday, September 10, 2012

August 27, 2012

Hey, I'm having a blessed time in Casper. It's really a nice place with many wards and members and it's a fun town.  We are working a lot with the converts of yesterday, the less actives of today.  Hopefully we'll help bring the spirit back into some people's lives and help them to feel welcome at church.  Also we hope and pray to find investigators along with them.  So far we've been blessed to have referrals from ward members and we have some nice people we visit time to time.

Yesterday I was talking with our Ward mission leader about the Uintah's and I brought up Red Castle.  He hike a 75 mile trail, the High Line trail that runs across the high country all over the Uintahs.  It was fun to talk about.

The people are friendly here in Casper....most of the time. hehe. 

Love ya

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