Monday, September 10, 2012

August 13, 2012

Hello family,
Wonderful to hear from you.
I'm glad that the wedding went well, except the power going out!! Yikes!  hehe.  That sounds pretty interesting. 
I'm heading to Casper Wyoming!!!!  Land of the missionaries and Church members.  It's supposedly one of the best places to serve in the mission!  There are 6 wards in Casper. I'll be serving in the 4th Ward.
I'm pretty excited. My new companion will be Elder Hooker.  I hear that he's a good guy.
So I cleaned up my bathroom and cleaned up my trailer(where we've lived for my stay here) today and it's ready for the new missionary except I haven't packed yet. I'll be doing that tonight then we leave tomorrow for Bismarck.
Yesterday I saw some people and said some goodbye's, then we're going to have some fun today playing basketball and maybe play on an Indian Drum and sing (Pow Wow style) before we visit some other families and people this evening.
It's been a blessing to be with these people and live here for this time.  Trials and Tribulations...Yes. But great experiences and good times, great people.  I've seen much and learned much. 
This past weekend was the big Pow Wow of the Reservation. The big shindig at the end, kinda the Grand Finale of the Summer Pow Wow's, at least on this reservation.  But it was a great time and a really fun way to end my stay here.  I got to go to three Pow Wow's and we met great people at each one and made friends and were able to let people see us and enjoy our company. 
I'm grateful for the Gospel, it's changed my life.  I realize the blessings that come from obedience to it.  Over time, and step by step, more and more people are accepting it and finding the safety and joy that comes with it.   I feel like I did my best here and tried so hard.  I know Heavenly Father is pleased with my efforts and my wants to help people.  I learned much.
Love you guys.  If I didn't lose my camera I would send some more pictures. But oh well.  Maybe it'll still turn up, It's been missing for a few weeks.
see you later

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