Friday, January 13, 2012

Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2011

Heyyy! It was great talking to you on Christmas. It was fun. Elder Maskell was happy to get a smile in and see you all. I showed him a few pictures before then.

Please tell Dennis 'Hi' for me. I hope he sends me a letter that way I'll have his address. Thanks to all the wonderful, loving family and friends who share their love with me.

With it being 2 days after Christmas, it stills feels like the holiday and that means a lot of people are hosting family and enjoying the break. Yesterday we worked for a few hours and talked to a few nice people and that felt good after the break.

I'm very pleased to hear Sarah sang in the choir. That sounds so fun! Yes they have a Branch Choir but we don't get too involved because of the practice involved. Maybe we will in the future.

I sure love you all. Here's a nice scripture to read: 2 Nephi 4:35(30-35)

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