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Monday, January 23, 2012

Sarah: Sorry people for taking forever to post these past 4. I didn't even see a couple of them until just recently. Enjoy reading them!


It's been a bit hard to write any letters lately but I have many people in mind and hope to get some out this week. I did write one and sent it today for you guys, Sarah Jo especially. Elder Maskell included one too for her. Please give Aunt Janae another visit and hello for me! :)

Hey Dad! How are you? I got word you played the organ in church this last sunday?! I got to play in my Branch too!! We're the great Ensign duo that like to play hymns. Tell him not to forget breakfast, lunch, or dinner. One of my newest favorite hymns is Arise O God And Shine 265. I would love to play that one in a Sacrament meeting sometime. Or An Angel From On High(13 I think or 15). Do you guys like those ones? There are some awesome hymns that we just don't hear enough.

Well it snowed here last week pretty good. It's pretty white outside.

We're praying hard for some baptisms. We had a less active Brother from our Branch attend Sacrament yesterday! It was awesome. He's a great guy we've been visiting many times and it's a joy to associate with him. He's the only member of his family. He's married and has a couple daughters but they're mostly Lutheran. He know's the church is true. We read the Book of Mormon with him.

Did you know that Repentence is a Divine Gift? It really, truly is. A talk given by D. Todd Christofferson makes it clear and fun to learn about. It was given this last conference. Sure repentence isn't something we want to do, mainly because we like to do things right the first and every time. But if we see repentence in the correct lens, it's something we want to do and we can do it willingly and joyfully. It gives us true joy. The essence of setting New Years Resolutions or any goal is practially repentence. Especially when we're doing it to truly improve our lives and bring them in harmony with Christ and Heavenly Father.

I love the Gospel, and it loves us! Heavenly Father loves us. Another talk was given by Robert D. Hales 'Waiting upon the Lord'. You are good examples of doing what he talks about in there.

Love Elder Ensign

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