Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Family,

Yes, we made it through the New Year! Last year was a great one wasn't it!? I think and look back and can just be so grateful for the things that have come to pass for so many of us! Elder Maskell and I went to bed on time and woke up on time New Years Eve and Day and we had a good Sabbath a couple days ago. It was thrilling to get the new manuals for Priesthood, the new Prophets of the Church manual: George Albert Smith. I opened that up and knew right away it was inspired and the right stuff for us to know. One line in the Introduction Chap. was when a fellow of Pres. Smith's spoke at his funeral and made the quote, "God is Love. George Albert Smith is love." He was (and is) a true Prophet.

To go along with that thought and idea of the scriptures being used in our lives and how they can be used as an umbrella, was something I heard in church this week, Everything we do either moves of closer to, or farther from God, the question is: At what speed?

So I'm glad you had a nice few weeks off mother, I hope you are enjoying the time with the kids again. And yes the early hours aren't bad. And studying really is great. I'm focusing on becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary that Elder Bednar gave a talk on recently. It emphasizes many things including letting the spirit do the real teaching, and listening, observing, discerning, THEN teaching(talking).

We have met a gentleman by the name of Alfredo recently! He is a good person who is from Mexico originally but has lived here for some time. We have met a couple times with him and taught him and he has started reading chapters of the Book of Mormon! Heavenly Father definately loves him and we can feel that and he is a great fellow. We will see him again later this week.

I hope hope hope that Aunt Janae is doing good!! That is very sweet that she is at Alpine! Sounds like a great opportunity to help and see her. She's probably grateful to be near you and other family! I love her, she is so sweet.

I have inquired about my bike and Pres. Layton has actually been working on the bicycle matter so I'm not sure what's going on, but he mentioned to get it in working condition and make the repairs if needed.

We have been tracting a lot. We've had some very nice experiences last weekend talking with some people(two separte families at two different homes) who attend an Evangelical Church a small distance from town. They were so nice, pleasant, and warm hearted! It was a blessing really, and we shared with them our message and left them with cards so they could contact us in the future if prompted. Even though they didn't invite us immediately back it was an uplifting and edifying experience to meet with them. The spirit and the love of the Savior was felt.

Well bye for now. Thanks for the prayers and letters, and packages, and love. I hope you feel of my love and testimony. I know that God lives, and His son is our Savior and they are guiding and helping us along, even more as we allow them too.

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