Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

We had a day last week where the temp. was in the 60's!! It was so amazing! Everybody in Marshall was happy and so friendly! The light was truly shining in a physical and spiritual sense. We met a bunch of new people that day who invited us back!

Elder Maskell has lost 40 lbs.! He is showing real dedication and discipline as he works to maintain goals for himself and for our companionship.

Have you all been to the temple lately? Please do.

Thanks for the great example you set by reading the Book of Mormon and being you. Keep it up!! :)

I can't tell you how much it means to receive the gifts of love and support that so many of you give to me. I pray that you may read the scriptures and be led and guided to the promised land of much happiness and joy, and success. Ah, I love all of you, so much.

The prophet's message in the Ensign this month is one I recommend for you to read, then every page after it :)

I received some awesome Emails this week from some people I value and treasure so greatly. Thank you. If they could send me their address at home I would definately write them back.

Mother, thanks for being there and dad, thanks for sharing you testimony. Thanks for your prayers. Please say hi to Beth, Lori, Alison and all our Bros and Sisters. I'll write Jack a letter soon. Please give my love to aunt Janae and tell her hi for me!

As we read of the life of George Albert Smith the love of God comes through its pages so thickly and purely. Serving the Lord here in Marshall Minnesota is so amazing. Christ is our Savior. He loves us.

--Elder Ensign

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