Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey dear loved ones! I missed the chance to Email you last week and I am really glad to be able to now. I'm listening to the Christmas Devotional from the First Pres. in one ear now as I type. It's beautiful.

I did have a Zone Conference during the first month of the mission. It was nice. We have what is called a Tri-Zone Conference this week. We'll be gathering up with half of the mission, and all going to the Bismarck Temple in North Dakota. The other half of the mission gets together and visits Martin's Cove. This Wed. night we'll begin our travels to another neighboring city called Pipestone to pick up the Companionship there, then travel to Brookings in order to gather in large vans to head up there. It's a far drive of about 9-10 hours. Then we'll spend the night up there and come back. It will be a good experience.

I've enjoyed reading and receiving the wonderful letters and emails from you. It is nice! I've heard of many engagements lately and it's so awesome!

We recognize that Christmas is on its way and coming fast. There are some beautiful light jobs around here.

Thanks for the wonderful example you're setting for me. I am being shown love in many ways from people sharing their thoughts and time, and testimonies with me via mail etc.

You are truly a blessing to me.

This past week was an interesting one, we worked hard to knock doors and find new investigators. There was a man named Lyle, a 91 year old gentleman that we met in his home. He invited us in and we talked much about the gospel and the Book of Mormon. He explained that his roots were very deep, but he would read the Book of Mormon. He expressed great faith, hope, and charity to us. He wasn't bashful at expressing respect and kindness to us. As we met with him I felt so grateful to associate with him. We haven't met up with him since to see what he learned or read from the Book, but we will some time. He shared with us some words of wisdom from his many years on earth, one thought of the ability or characteristic of some people that are more angelic and pure. I'm so grateful for him, because he helped me to be grateful for the people in my life who exemplify this. Many are my close friends and family, and leaders. At the same it encourages me to be sure to love everyone as best I can.

I'm very grateful for the Wayment family, they are amazing. I'm grateful for the Sadlers, and scores of others back home. Well, I'll try to write some more experiences next time.

--Elder Ensign

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