Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mon, November 28, 2011

Hey! Nice to hear from you again! I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving. It sounds like you had a nice time. We ate with a nice family. The one I told you is sortof like our family. I got the latest batch of letters last week. I got one from Dad and Lori, and Crystal and Sarah! I'm so appreciative for Meredith and Kristin who have sent goodies! That stuff made life enjoyable -- Just like all the letters and love from everyone. I'm so grateful for the wonderful words of wisdom and kindness that everyone gives! It's so exciting to get mail and packages! I love you all so very much!

About the Jerky, if you could just send it to the mission office that would be best. We're moving early this week and I don't know the address there and it would be safer, and more likely to reach me via the office. They recommend that. Thanks, feel free to stuff it full of whatever sounds good. :)

I think I'll be here in Marshall for at least 6 more weeks. Usually you stay in an area for two transfers which are 6 weeks. But I have no real clue, I could be there for longer. I guess and pray that it's where the Lord wants me and I know that's true.

Elder Maskell and I have really been working to increase the amount of hope we have for our area and people here. We are working to have the 3 main supports -- Faith, Hope, and Charity. Without these we can't do much. With these we can do great great things.

We have a Branch Christmas Breakfast activity coming up on Dec. 3. It's a talent show kindof event. The Branch Presidency asked if we had any talents that we could share. I told him that I would love to sing in a quartet of sorts or a small choir and he was thinking something along those lines too. I don't think Elder Maskell would sing, but he has an ability to juggle quite well! It's a bit amazing, so he will definately do some of that.

Some of the nicest ladies I've met out here, two in particular remind me a lot of Alison and Lori. The one who reminds me of Lori's name is Lori, and she is Methodist or Lutheran I believe, but when we knocked on her door she was so friendly and was curious about the church. She wasn't anxious to be baptized or learn too much real quick, but I think in the future that visiting back with her would be well. The other woman we visited with just on Saturday was a lady named Lisa. Her husband is an attorney and she has a few young daughters but she reminded me of Alison a bit! She was so nice, and we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and explained why it's important and that she can know if it's true by reading it and having Heavenly Father answer her pray. The spirit was definitely with us while meeting with her. We plan to get back with her in Feb. because she said that she has so much going on the timing isn't right, so we hope and pray that she'll read the Book of Mormon and ask if it's true.

I'm going to be writing Dad another letter as soon as I can as well as reply to everyone else. With the bike situation, I'm going to work on it and just see if it's something easy and fixable which I think and hope it is. If it isn't I'll definately contact the office and let them know. It snowed here about two weeks ago but has since melted. I'll definately be singing more because it truly does lift the heart and liven the soul! Thanks!

I know that Christ lives and he is with us today. That we have his constant guidance and companionship through the holy spirit. I also know that when no man or woman is there to turn to you can open the scriptures and feel of God's love, and have instant friends like Elder Scott said in his talk! You are all so wonderful! I love you. I'm grateful to be on a mission! God Bless you all, and keep up the good work. Love you Dad and Mom, Sarah Meredith Darin Cameron Dallin Lori Everyone who reads these!

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