Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mon, Nov 7, 2011 - Sunday News

It's sounding chilly out there.  It's definately getting colder out here.  We had Stake Conference yesterday and Saturday which were great. Sat. night we learned about Temples, then yesterday we learned a lot and heard many testimonies of the Book of Mormon. It was sure great.  The Book of Mormon is like food for our souls - Nourishment for us and our spirituality.  When we stop reading the Book of Mormon it seems like we are less full of the spirit and hungry for something missing.  Well Elder Maskell is a bigger man. He is fuller and taller than me. He is like Brent, just not as tall. We had some good opportunites last night to talk to some people. This past week has been a bit hard because we had a Zone Conference on Friday, and we did a companion exchange on Thursday. We ended up driving about an hour away to Brookings and staying the night there Tues. Wed. there was a leadership meeting in Fargo, N.D. which is like 3 hours away that we went to. I didn't attend the training but Elder Maskell did, I went tracting with some other elders that time.

I've recieved a bunch of mail over the past weeks, and I'm having trouble writing back to everyone but I'll be working on that today for a little while. I recieved an Email from cousin Leigh Heward who got my address from facebook, and I'm not allowed to send email to anyone but direct family.  I can recieve it just not send through it. So my replies will be through the postal service. So maybe you can forward this email to her and have her write me another Email with her home address. That would be great! Then also on Facebook tell all people who want to send me an email to write their mailing address included so I can reply to them! I would love to!

One of the things we do here is service at the thrift store, like the D.I. It's pretty fun. We have begun working out and eating healthier.  We hope to do some running each morning and some strength exercises. It helps out a lot.  One of the best things though is reading the Book of Mormon. It just brings with it peace, assurance, and strength. It promises so much and the power about and within it is so real.
I love you all. It's so great to hear from you from day to day. Letters are always appreciated and packages too!

Take care -- Elder Ensign

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