Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tue, 1 Nov 2011 - Howdy

Hey, it's me! How are you folks!?  I'm happy that I can write to you!  I'm really sad about the kitties. (*Aunt Sandie and Uncle Tom took the 3 kittens and Grandma Kitty to go live on their farm.*) 

So what exactly was this conference you're talking about? I don't remember hearing about it. 

My companion is Elder Maskell, and he's from California. He is a really nice fellow, even tempered and easy going. We're becoming a better companionship continuously. We're both focused on serving the Lord. This area actually has a bunch of small towns in it, but we live in Marshal. It's the home of Schwann's! There are about 13,000 people here in Marshal.  Many of the people here are Lutheran's or Catholic. Most of the people are Christians. It's a nice area.  That's so cool that you were able to hear the Prophet speak! Did Dallas go?!  I haven't been working out too much. But I think we'll be doing more of that soon. My toe is doing pretty well.

We went to church here this past Sunday. It was nice. It's a branch here of about 70 members.

This is a great area and I'm getting to love it more. The weather is getting cold. My friends have been two gloves, a scarf, and sometimes a headband.
Tonight we're leaving town and staying in another town called Brookings I believe for the night. We have Zone Conference tomorrow and after Zone Conference we'll do exchanges with the Zone Leaders for training. I'll be back in Marshall on Friday. It's exciting to be able to learn some more things from another Missionary. I love you all.  That's great on reading the Book of Mormon.  It's the keystone of our religion.  I'm also reading it. I love the Gospel. I hope and pray I can help others embrace this gospel here in Marshall.

Thanks and much love,  Elder Ensign.

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