Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hi: Wed, November 16, 2011

Awesome! Meredith and Darin showed up!? I didn't realize or know they were doing that!  I hope you all have fun together and pray for me. :)  I love the twins and baby Luke, they are awesome kids!  Their whole family is great! 

I wrote some letters the other day! I haven't had a chance very good until last Monday.  I'm always very glad to receive letters and word from friends and home, especially from dad.  Lavell is great and tell him I said hi!  I just sent off a letter to dad so that should be there sometime soon.

I'm sorry to hear the tragic news of Amy. That sounds sad! I hope she gets doing better.
It sounds like you'll have a great Thanksgiving like always! There is always many things to be grateful for! I don't really know how to send pictures from these computers from the Library. I'm not sure they allow you to upload them. But eventually I can figure something out to send some. 
Last night we taught someone a really sweet lesson. We taught about the Apostasy and Christ's church being established on the earth again through Joseph Smith and the First Vision. It was fun. Her name was Elaine, and she is an awesome lady.  We have been getting a small bunch of referrals lately from Church headquarters of people in the area who want to learn about the church and get Book's of Mormon.  That's been exciting.  We have talked to and met some other very nice people through knocking doors and stuff. We hope that we are able to find the people who have been prepared to embrace the gospel and become part of the 'fold'. In that sense we all have to remember that we play a large role in the lives of the members of our wards and our friends. Jesus Christ is the true Good Shepherd but we take upon us his name. And it is a great duty and blessing to fellowship and reach out to others. 

Our Branch President is on a cruise right now and won't be back till December and we're really needing and trying to get some serious help from him. We missionaries can't succeed in this unless the ward members and presidency are as committed and willing to help as we are.  At least collectively. I think it comes down to really being a friend.  I love this Church and the people I've met as I've been apart of it. We can do it when we all do it together!
I love you all. I hope that you will be blessed greatly in all you do and may you do it right! 
I love you family. Bye

Love, Elder Ensign.

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