Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mon, November 21, 2011

Hey! Sounds like Thanksgiving will be fun!  We're going over to a families that likes to have the Missionaries over for Thanksgiving. They have already had us over twice to feed us and are cool. It's a family that is amazingly like ours. The man of the house is 73, and his son is 13. Does that sound familiar at all?  The son's name is Matthew. haha.  The mother is much younger than the husband too.  They have other children too but the one's we know and see are the two youngest ones. Their daughter is 22ish and married.  It's very interesting. Yesterday after dinner they showed us part of a movie called 'How rare a Possesion'. It's about the Book of Mormon -- particularly of the story of Parley P. Pratt and another young man and their story of how they found the Book of Mormon and what they did about it. We will finish it on Thanksgiving. It was great though, you should check it out if you can. It's online somewhere. I'm excited to finish it. Definately try to find it.  The father of this family is a professor at the college here and an intelligent guy.

We tract a lot here. We are really focusing and wanting to work with the Branch members here because we know it's much more effective.  I rode my bike one time, and when we got back to the aprt. I noticed that my front tire is totally wobbley and loose!! I don't know if it's broke or just loose, but it needs some work. And now there is snow on the ground so we won't be riding. Plus, before I got here my comp. Elder Maskell's bike got stolen! He borrowed a bike from a member but gave it back just recently, so that's another reason we aren't riding bikes much.

It's been cold, last night it was 10 degrees before we went inside for the night. The snow here is weird. It's really dry, and it blows all over -- at least it did this time.  I hear that's what it's like, and it hasn't melted at all really.

Yesterday was Sunday of course, and it ended up being that all of the piano and organ players were not going to be able to attend church, so we got a call from one of the Branch Presidency asking if one of us could and would play the piano.  It just happened that Saturday morning before he called, we were at the thrift store helping out, and I was able to get an electric keyboard!  It was amazing to me. I was able to practice hymns that night before going to bed and then I practiced in the morning. We have a way cool keyboard now!  So I played in Sacrament meeting.

Another funny thing happened yesterday at church, the 1st Coun. in the Branch Pres. asked me if I knew an person attending Utah State Univ. studying Accounting that was an Ensign. I said 'Yes!'  We discussed that he works for Schwan's in the Accounting dept and they were told to hire new people. He graduated from USU and looked on their database of students or something like that. It was about a week ago he said but he saw Sarah Ensign and wondered if we were related. He said they didn't actually hire anyone because they changed their mind or something but it was cool.  I laughed and thought of how weird it would have been if they would have offered her some sort of a job here. haha.  But Sarah, my advice is apply everywhere then you're likely to get hired :)

That pinkeye business is weird. A member said her kids had it out here too.

We haven't cooked Sesame Chicken but I want to so bad. We're running low on money for food this week so maybe next month.

We have found people to teach and we're trying hard to help. We have 3 perspective people now we're working with. We hope it becomes more serious.

There is nothing I particularly need at this time.  Thanks! I recieved a few packages in the last week or so and that has been awesome!! It means so much! It would be good to have some more Mormon Tabernacle Choir Cd's. I have a few now!  Healthy snacks too. Don't let it be a pain though.

I'm thinking that the stuff I bought has been beneficial and good. I'm actually going to the store to shop for boots today!

The people here in Marshall are so great!

This week should be a fun one for sure. We hope to bless peoples lives and encourage and uplift people! We hope to teach some great lessons and change some lives for the better. We have such a great blessing of being apart of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  God is our father, and Jesus is our Savior. We can do all things through Christ Jesus. I hope to hear from everyone soon! You are all so amazing! Bye!

Love Elder Ensign

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