Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

Sounds good that the missionaries spoke in your ward. I bet they're good Elders.
Yeah, this morning at 6:30am when I rolled out of bed, my body was exhausted.  But the Lord does sustain, and through diligence and dedication we perservere and have made it.  P day is going good today. 

This past week we taught the most lessons of any week so far together. I was our best week in number of lessons. We met with and taught a bunch of great people and felt the spirit, during our lessons and otherwise also.  We were guided to find certain families and individuals as we went about our work.  Tonight we are going to Bro. Park's house, and we're going to teach him the Stop Smoking Program. The same one we taught to another lady, Sis. Davis,  who is smoke free and working towards getting her Temple Recommend!!  It's awesome.  Robin, an investigator we're teaching has been on Date for Dec. 1. And she is doing pretty well. Her friend Vicki, a less Active member, or has been less active, is coming back to church and also she has committed to living the Word of Wisdom and quit smoking and coffee!   We're going to teach her the program too, that will really help her make the switch. 

One cool experience we had last week was we were going to an appt. when we were going to the apartment, and we saw two ladies moving stuff from a Moving Truck and into the bldg.  We told them(3 of us, one young man that was teaching with us) we could carry the heaviest item they had up the stairs but we had an appt.  So we carried up the big wood table they had, and went to our appointment.   The people we were going to see lived next door to the ones moving in, and they actually weren't able to meet with us, So we hurried and started helping the ladies again. We came to find out that it was a young couple from Oregon who were moving in, and the girls mom lives here in Casper and was helping.  The husband was just getting off work at Wal Mart and he showed up as we were helping, but they are both members!  So it was perfect, like Heavenly Father wanted us to be there at that time to help some of his children get settled into their new home and have a welcoming hand from us Elders.  We were able to give them the Church meeting times and location and everything and we expect that we'll be seeing them more soon -- A great family.
We have been blessed to meet with a man named Chris.  We actually met Chris as we were searching for a less active member who lives in some other Apartments in our ward.  And He had a huge moving vehicle full of his stuff---tons of hunting stuff.  We were able to help him move in and got another couple of Elders to help too.  After a few weeks we went back and visited him, we shared the first lesson with him and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon.  He accepted to read and learn more about it. The spirit was strong there, it was a good lesson and he was pretty receptive and open. He is a great guy we hope to see him soon.  We know for sure the Gospel will bless his life.
Much other good has been going on.  We are going to be working with our Ward Council even more to help them get involved and the ward find those who are ready and that the Lord's prepared to accept the Gospel.
Congrats to Robyn and Dallin!!! That is great!
We might go to a member's Halloween Party, but it depends on exactly what the party will be like.  If it will help us be missionaries and fellowship and meet non-members and help the work then we'll go there. But if not, then we'll just be home taking it easy/having some fun.  So it'll be good either way. 
Preparation is so important. I know that's true. I know that Heavenly Father has many blessings ready for us, he is just waiting for us to think about, and ask and they shall be obtained. 

Love You all.
God Bless, thanks for the letters and love!!!
Happy Halloween

Elder Ensign

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