Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

Hey Hey!

Great to hear from you! We are in the middle of a transfer right now so I'm waiting for my new companion Elder Russel Neilson( I think that's now it's spelled). He's from St. Anthony, Idaho. He's been out for about a year!

A big big blizzard storm is supposedly blowing in tonight like a foot of snow, so we're staying with the Z.L.'s for a few days we think.

We played a bunch of basketball today with the zone. It's fun. Back in Marshall we have one person who accepted to be baptized on Apr. 7! His name is Mike. We have work to do with him still but he has a great desire to know the message and church is true!

I think I was semi-prepared. The greatest thing to do would be truly know Preach My Gospel front and back. For a person to do that would mean a ton.

I hope to get some letters written and sent by the end of the week.

I hope dad has a great bday!!

Oh yeah, another thing is we're not going to have a car in Marshall for this next transfer. They have cars on the way but somehow the President said they don't know where they are. So we're going to be walking a lot. Also the member work will have to increase. I look forward to that. I hope this new Elder has a bike, and I hope that the blizzard misses Marshall and goes around leaving it dry and warm. ;)

Well the church is true. I look forward to a new transfer and new week ahead. I hope the Lord blesses us all. I know He will. Psalm 103

Oh yeah, I'm eating pretty healthy off and on also. I love eating healthy and keeping the Word of Wisdom as much as possible. It helps us to feel so much better and think more clearly. I'm happy to hear you had a fun week with school and all.

Give dad a great big "Hello" and "I love you". Bye guys! love ya!

--Love Elder Ensign!

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