Wednesday, June 20, 2012

May 30, 2012

Wow, what an interesting time it's been.  It is a great blessing to have our name.  It means a lot to me, and it helps me want to be my best, and to be true to faith of our fathers and of Christ.  My last companion gave me a tie and signed the back of it and put :" Ensign of Christ to the Nations"  haha. I liked it a lot.

My Companion has been out almost 5 months.  His last trainer didn't keep him too strict at all, actually quite opposite. He does have a strong testimony and a good knowledge base of the Gospel.  He takes a bit of prodding sometimes.  He is good with talking to people. We do pretty well there.  I try to keep him in line with the rules and stuff.  Our studies together are improving, he and his last comp. didn't study together really at all it seems. The Lord is blessing us as we work and plan and strive.   He is a good guy.  He cooks food for me quite often, the catch is I 'get' to clean up.....We have fun with each other.  We are amazing.

We went out teaching with a member last night, Bro. Pinto.  Bro Pinto is here working in the oil fields and He is a Native American from New Mexico.  He has such a strong testimony.  He truly loves the people here, and loves serving them.  He wants to do all he can to help his lamanite brothers and sisters and we get to serve with him quite a bit.  We went over to Sis. Simmonds house last night with him, she is a member who served a mission in New Mexico like 40 years ago. Crazy eh?  But she hasn't been to church for awhile so we like to go over and invite and have lessons with her and her granddaughters.  We started our lesson not knowing that her granddaughter Hayley hadn't been baptized yet, and she's 10.  The lesson was focused on Christ and his earthly ministry and then it ended up really spiritual and we invited Hayley to be baptized.  She'll be praying about it and talking to her grandma and we'll see them again soon.  We think she'll want June 30 as her date.

I love serving the people here in New Town. The Natives are special people.  We work in another city called Stanley that is mostly caucasion people and we have some awesome investigators up there that we're working to see more.  Stanley is about 45 minutes away from New Town.  Most of the active people in our Branch come from the Stanley area and beyond.  We learned this week that they are forming a Branch in Stanley this summer!  That will make everything very different here.  New Town is going to undergo some big changes. I can see the Lord's hand moving and shaping this area and setting things up in place.  

Yep my bday is Monday!  Our District is going to have a Pday together and we're going to Theodore Roosevelt Park(Not sure if it's National or State, but I think National)  That will be awesome.  We have some cool Elders in my District.  I will plan on emailing at 10:30am Monday morning and seeing if you're on too.

Elder Salmon is a nice guy I met him during one of the mission prep. classes I had.

We get to talk to a fair amount of people. probably 10-12 on average a day.

Congratulations on being through for the year!!!!!!!!!! Yay!  Have the best summer ever!

Love you all.  I'm excited for Sarah!   

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