Monday, May 14, 2012

April 30, 2012

Dear Mom and Family, friends too,

This has been an amazing week. Many wonderful things happened. Elder Barney, who is from Paroguna(Spelled something like that, by Parowan), and I had a wonderful opportunity to give two people Priesthood blessings. There is a couple that lives here in New Town, a fellow named Cody and his girlfriend Sasha, that we know. Cody is a member working out here in the Oil fields. He is a member who is really looking towards becoming active in the church and having the Spirit in his life more. She is living here also and he has been sharing the gospel with her, and together they are working to progress and have the Lords blessings in their lives. So we each were able to give a blessing for them before they made a trip back to Idaho where Cody is from. It was a great experience which I felt inspired and guided in their behalf.

Another wonderful thing was that we're working with Virginia and her husband Trajen. We visit them at least twice a week and Virginia has a date for her baptism on June 2nd! We're so happy for her! They are a special couple of people and family. Trajen is a member and he is getting ready to baptize her. We had some good lessons with them, and they were at church yesterday for the whole thing! It was great.

We have other great things happening like we're planning to hold a Bible study group in a trailer park/man-camp outside of Stanley which is north of New Town a ways. With the oil boom a lot of men and people are living in actual man-camps of 5th wheel Trailer type homes. So this will be a good opportunity to help many people who are away from home, and not too close to a church or family for strength and support. We hope that it will lead to many people feeling and knowing Heavenly Father more in their lives.

I am glad to say that Jesus Christ lives. It means everything.

Thanks for the updates on the Temple. That sounds so amazing about the big event that is taking place. WOW! Tell Bro. Barton hi for me. Minot eh? What was his mission again?? That is cool. Tell Sarah that my District Leader is Elder Hanson, and he used to work in the boot dept. at Smith and Edwards! Cool huh. I was talking to him and about how we went to Smith and Edwards when I bought my boots for the Meat Shop and I'm almost certain that I saw him at that day. Haha. Then I showed him a picture of Sarah and he knew her. Sweet huh.

Love You guys, Love you dad, I got your letter just today and thank you so much.
Yeah, Mother's Day -- coming up quick!

Love Elder Ensign

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