Monday, May 14, 2012

April 23, 2012

My comp. is Elder Barney like the big purple Dinosaur. ;) 'I love you, you love me' That one.

This morning is beautiful here. It's nice. When I left Marshall Mn everything was growing and green and super springy, then up here it's still quite brown and it's been cloudy and windy the past week(for the majority). But today is supposed to be up to about 80 so I'm happy!! The grass is getter greener and the trees are showing life.

Our investigator that has a date for baptism didn't make it to church yesterday but we still believe she'll make it and keep growing. We have met others who want to be baptized including a 10 or 11 year old young fellow.

There is a huge growing bunch of dandy buggers right outside our trailer house. Dad would flip. I think about taking care of them but then I think about it and stop caring. Well I hope you guys are doing great.

Lately for some personal reading and study I've hit the Old Testament. I read all of Deut. and am going to finish Joshua in the next day or so. The Lord proved his might, and his strength and power in these books. We need to keep the commandments so that He'll help us fight our battles. Without Him we lose.

I love reading the Bible. I have done more and more of it lately. It's wonderful. But I must say that the Spirit comes so strongly from reading the Book of Mormon and reading the talks and words of the LatterDay Prophets and Apostles. It's profound. We're blessed.

So we cover New Town here, and South of New Town, also to the east and west quite a distance. But Our area goes all the way to the Canadian Border. There is a city up there called Portal that is half in the USA and half Canada. It's like 2 hrs away!!

But this oil work up here is no joke. It's a huge deal going on.

My Allergies haven't been too bad the last couple weeks. I do feel it a bit. I'm trying to get eating healthier again and adjust to the different living up here.

Love you. You're so great. Are you working to help the missionaries there? They always need your help. They need referrals and people who are prepared by the members and people who know the area. Keep your eyes open. I met a Don Collet who is from Brigham City. Also I met a relative of Patriarch Hillam out here. :)

Love ya.

Elder Ensign

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