Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 27, 2012

Hey Love! Thanks for everything!

Yes, I believe and know we've had a lot of success lately. Some great experiences have been had this past week. One night we were tracting and I had a clear thought come to my mind to go towards a potential investigators house we met a couple weeks ago. Elder Neilson and I hopped right on our bikes and zoomed over to the other side of town. As we were approaching the Big Catholic Cathedral we saw a couple kids skateboarding down the street so of course I got all excited and we stopped and talked to them. They were 14 and 15 year olds. Both parents weren't active in any church. One of them had earrings in both ears and braces, and he was the more golden of the two. He is a nice fellow named Lestat. We haven't talked to them since but we taught the first vision and gave them cards with our numbers. We were able to bear our testimonies of the restoration and tell them why we're here. I am so grateful for that chance to meet them and share our message. Heavenly Father placed us in their path and allowed us to use our strengths and experiences, like me being a skateboarder for so long, to understand each other and relate to them and incorporate the spirit of the Lord into the conversation. It was a good time. I know that was meant to be and it was a pleasure. I pray that we'll hear back from Lestat and be able to share more with him. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. He saw God and Jesus Christ when he was 14. I know God answers prayers.

Yes I know it's spring! The pollen has been killing me lately. I think I'm doing better today. Yes I also know it's spring because it's been so warm and lovely here. A couple or more days a week it's clouded up and rained and that's been good too. I do like it warmer of course. I need to eat more fruits and veggies, I think that might help with allergies.

We have found some great new people to teach. Our teaching is always improving and we've had some really great lessons with people. It's great to be around people who want to do what's right and are striving every day to be better.

How's dad?! What cat is having kittens?! Didn't you give momma cat to Uncle Tommy? How are the cats? Is Stumpy doing ok!!? Tell Sarah I love love love her. And Meredith and her Family!!

Life is good. I'm really looking forward to Conference. It's good to have Easter around the corner also. I like this time of year, especially when it's warm.
Bye Love you all,
Elder Ensign

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