Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 19, 2012

Love ya! It's true that even the smallest things that we do, and the smalls things we do for people, can make such an impact on their lives. If not now, today, or yesterday, it could years and years later.

I played in church yesterday too. Did dad have fun? I did pretty good. I think I'll be able to take some time off of that now. It's time consuming to have to practice. I like the time to read, study, and write during that time.

St. Patty's is quite a bit bigger over here than there. They had a parade here, it was a short one. I'm glad dad had a happy Bday!

I sure do love the Nelson's. I intended to send a few photos but didn't have the right cable for the computer here. I'll try again soon.

The church is true. Conference is coming up soon!!! Continually hold to the Iron rod!!! We don't have anyone on date for baptism at the moment but we're teaching some good lessons and doing our best to bring the light to all.

--Love, Elder Ensign

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