Monday, October 17, 2011

Tue, 11 Oct 2011 : Hi

Hey I received your Dear Elder. It was nice to get that. Send some more some time. I haven't had a chance to Email till today. I can Email once a week on Wed. while here in the MTC. It's been quite interesting here. The most challenging thing is being on task all the time and impeccable with the schedule. A lot depends on your companions willingness to be obedient and really try. Pray for our companionship to work well. My companion is Elder Ostrom. He's 19 years old. He's a nice and well mannered individual. He's from the American Fork area.  He worked as a janitor with his previous job at an Elem. School. There is an Elder who's 23, and once who's 21 in my District but other than that they're just out of High School. There are some really nice Elders in my District. There are 8 of us all going to South Dakota on the same day.  We went to the Temple today and did an endowment session which was pretty nice. I miss going with Dad and Lavell. 

We get to work out 5 days a week which is fun. We've been teaching and practicing teaching quite a bit. We have a devotional tonight that may be by a Gen. Authority!  Our teachers are good! Pray for me to have patience and inspiration. 

I've seen Elder Tate Wood a few times! That's been really great. And I've seen three others from the Brigham City area also. 

It's really exciting to hear about Tammy, I'm so happy for her!  I hope everything is going well for you. Hopefully Dad is having a good time.  Hopefully Sarah and Meredith & fam are getting along well.  Hopefully school is good.  Anyway I'll look forward to hearing back from you another time!
I'll write again next Wednesday if not a handwritten letter before then.

When we're disciples of Jesus Christ we discipline ourselves -- mind and body to follow Him.
Love you all!!
Sincerely, Elder Ensign.

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