Friday, October 21, 2011

Tue, Oct 18, 2011: Hey!

It's Tues. again!  A day to do make preparations like do laundry and go to the Temple! I love the Temples!  We went to the Temple earlier this morning. It was very nice.  I have recieved all your letters, my camera, and the shirts and socks. Thank you so much! The shirts you sent are V-neck style and the neck is too low to wear them by their selves but thanks anyways. I can manage. I just got the camera today. I'm happy about that. I have only 6 days left in here! I'm so glad. Like Ed and Marie said, this isn't the easiest place. But my favorite parts about it are going to classes and being taught and learning, and feeling the spirit. Also we have firesides once a week on Sunday evenings which have been good. And we have Devotionals every Tues. night. So I'm very excited for tonight!  Last week Sis. Julie Beck came and spoke. I'm anticipating very much who will be coming here tonight!

I recieved a package from Meredith and Darin that was so amazing! There were some talks inside and messages from the twins and Meredith. Then along with those were a bunch of candies and snacks! It's awesome. The package was so great! I've actually recieved a couple of letters from other people, Amanda Price and Chandra, Kristin Hess, and Aunt Janae, and Lori! That has been great! 

I heard about Dad having his ear operated on and that I hope goes very well!  It's great to hear from you and read your messages. Never be shy to send often. 

I've met two other Elder Ensign's here.

I'm very glad to hear about Rachel and Trevor, if you could tell them congratulations for me that would be appreciated!

There are a ton of Sister missionaries! And yes I see couples missionaries. I was able to get a picture with Elder Tate Wood yesterday before he flew out to Argentina! That was awesome!  I was actually hoping Sarah could relay his Address when he get's it posted on Facebook or something and then send it to me so I can write him.  I hope you're all doing very well. I'm looking forward to hearing from you some more.  We have our travel plans and we leave for Rapid City on Monday of next week!!  I pray the Lord will work great works through me and I can be worthy of that.  I know that the work is true and that Jesus is the son of God.
-- I love you, Elder Ensign.

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